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Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro View Post
Oh my God this is frustrating. I just can't stop the bar from crashing down on me. To a point I think it would help me if I went under the bar slower.

On that one, it looked to me like you jumped forwards You have tons of strength, so that's not the issue.

I think you would benefit from backing off and working the bejesus out of tall movements - or at least doing them as part of your warm ups to program your body to get under the bar.

I've had the same problem as you and I've gotten better doing the fully extended versions (fully shrugged and up on the toes) with the bar and 40 kilos. Then when I go up to 50 kilos with my next warm up move, I start flat footed and unshurgged. I do that at again with 60 kilos. After that, with 70, 80, 90, etc. I do ever descending hang cleans (ie., with 70, it might be from mid thigh, 80 be from above the knee, 90 from below the knee). Until I'm pulling from the floor once I get over 100.

Looking at this last video, people's comments, and early videos, I think your issue, as you have rightfully identified is "meeting the bar" with proper timing. I think the silly stuff I'm doing above might help you engraining the "meeting the bar" with at least some better timing.

Good luck. don't know if any of this helps?

All the best,

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