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Question Lack of Leg Work?

I don’t want to point to anyone in particular or be rabble-rousing , but I have noticed that many kettlebell (KB) purists seem to focus on total and upper body more than lower. That is to say, a workout may include clean and press, swings, rows, floor press, and front squats. Even if one was able to clean and press or front squat two 105 lbs KBs (I think this is impressive, and no, I cannot do it), would not one’s legs be “relatively weak” when compared to their upper body? And what about Rippetoe’s strength standards? Are his standards universal, thereby making KB-lovers incomplete, or are KB-philes not concerned with his standards because they have different goals and or clients, which do not lend themselves to heavy deadlifts?

I guess I am wondering if the tool and the exercises that generally come with it that has been lauded as being the best thing since the internet by those whose businesses stand to gain the most from such a claim is really all it is cracked up to be. Greg Everett’s article in the Oct. 06 issue of PM spoke to the tool in comparison to DBs and Oly lifts, but I am speaking to the programming one uses with KBs.

Am I making any sense? If not, I will rewrite the question when I am not cracked out on cold medicine.

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