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Not dropping the fish oil, just trading for cod liver oil. The clo I have has decent n-3 levels (~3g per Tbsp) and I want the Vit A and D. I eat good, fatty protein sources so I'm not terribly worried about being n-3 deficient.

The enzymes I just want to give a try and see if they seem to help digestion at all. As much as I spend on grassfed beef a month, if I can get some better assimilation of it, that would be a good thing.

Probiotic experience... hard to say exactly. I was in the grips of a lingering sinus infection when I started them (right off the heels of an antibiotic session). The antibiotics had helped some, but the symptoms didn't go away entirely until I was a few days into the probiotics loading dose. Nature running its course, or the probiotic? Hard to say....

I think I will finish off what I have now and then take a month off of the probiotic. That way I can return to them in decent health to hopefully better gauge their effect.
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