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Originally Posted by Dave Sheehan View Post
First I got to say this is a pretty awesome forum, glad I found it, lots of valuable info!

I do have a quick snatch question.

When you snatch and you end up dumping the bar behind you because it seems like the momentum of the bar carries you that way, does that mean you're swinging it too much (but still strong enough to get it over head) or does it mean you had a strong lift and need more weight?
I believe it could be one of thress things 1)an overrotation during the third pull 2) diving under the bar with your head and chest down 3) pushing you head and chest too far forward. (just read this part of the book and this is what I recall) I also think it says muscle and 2 position snatches can helpful with this and OHS and snatch balances as well. I'm sure someone with more experience will jump in and help you out though.
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