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Default Squat - O'lifting vs P'lifing and Hip Flexors

For the past couple months I have been training on a hybrid O'Lifting and SS program. I use High bar position for Back squats. I have done a high bar O'Lifting squat my whole life. It wasn't until I read SS that I realized there was another low bar position used for Power lifting. But I still prefer High bar.

Lately my hip flexors have been really sore. I thought this was a result of the volume of squat workouts I have been doing. If I'm not doing back squat or OH squats, then I'm doing snatches (another OH squat) and C&J's (another Front Squat). It has been suggested to me to do a SS style low bar squat which may help my hip flexors. What do you all think?

Side notes - I work out with an O'lifting coach at a crossfit affiliate. No one has ever complained about my squat form. As far as I know, I have the basics down, knees wide, good depth, no buttwink, knees not traveling out past my toes, etc., etc. The only thing a coach ever pointed out to me is I could stand to bounce more out of the bottom. I got a pair of Do-win shoes which solved that problem real quick.
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