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Chris H Laing
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*16 hr fast*

3 x 100 jumpropes w/ ankle stretches
60 sec wall hs
Bonzai board balance - 3:00

5 rounds for time:
10 L arm dumbell snatches, 35 lbs
5 pullups
10 R arm dumbell snatches, 35 lbs
5 pullups

Time = 16:49

Originally it was supposed to be ten pullups between snatches, but after 2 rounds, my hand started ripping apart again, so I put it back to 5. I need to build my calluses back up to how they were in my cf days, so I can bust out high rep kipping pullups without destroying my hands.

MU Tech:
5 x 2 rowing muscle ups

Cant make it through the transition slowly yet, as it takes an explosive pull to get me through into the bottom of a dip. I'll be working these most days, at night, way after my workout.

Oly Tech:
3 sets with each grip of:
5 exp 2 max ext
3 max ext 2 pullunder

Starting to get comfortable with the movement, did a couple slightly faster today. Tomorrow I'll prolly try to combine the two movements in my Clean tech work.
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