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Could be just because my hip flexors are doing what they are supposed to do. I just started in the last two months really working my squats again. The 6 months prior, I was on another workout program which revolved around various lunges. I would think after two months my Hip Flexors would be used to it though. But from the above posts, it sounds like hip flexors being sore is common.

Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
Is there any pain? I doubt it would simply be because of the high bar vs. low bar position but rather due to flexibility that cold be solved through some simple stretches and foam rolling.
No pain. I could be in denial, but I think I have pretty good flexibility.

Originally Posted by Yuen Sohn View Post
Lifts-wise, what does your volume look like now (sets/reps/days)?
How's your recovery (sleep, stretching, foam rolling, etc.)?
3 to 4 days a week. usually Two O'Lifting and one SS day. O'Lifting workouts are all over the place. sometimes I do 10 singles of Snatch and CJ. I did a couple work outs of Shrug unders 3 x 5, OH Squat (six second pause at bottom) 3 x 5, Snatch pulls 3 x 5

Recovery: Sleep is what it is. roughly 7 hours
I am a big fan of cold plunges. I'll empty my whole ice box in the bath tub. If I am incredibly sore from a workout I'll just do DROM, stretch and foam roll on my recovery days.
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