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I think you have to be realistic.

Take this guy, Dragan Radovic:

He's impressive but in some ways a poor man's Pavel. I read an interview with him a few years ago where he outlined his philosophy. Alternate arm db clean and presses. 200 hundred every day. Over in ten minutes. That's it.

Or is it?

Because then he said he spends 20 mins doing squats. He skipped over that quite quickly.

Pavel seems to know an awful lot about a lot of different types of training. Do you think he built himself entirely with KBs? And forget all that bunkum about the superiority of the Red Army. Conscription, endemic alcoholism and ritual bullying and shooting your own men by mistake is not a validation for the KB system. Spetznaz this, Spetznaz that. Utter nonsense.

Robb hits the nail on the head when he talks about GS sport. It has a different focus.
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