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Default Hand is Acting up

My right hand has been developing this pain around the heel and base of the thumb area. Here are some characteristics of how my hand feels different
1. if i try to touch my index finger's nuckle with the tip of my thumb, i feel a much tighter stretch in the meaty thumb base than i do with my other hand.
2. putting pressure on that meaty thumb base doesn't necessarily hurt but the muscle feels constantly sore.
3. the major pain i feel is in the muscle on the outside blade of the hand below the pinky. it mainly hurts when i shake somebody's hand.

when i workout, nothing normally hurts in my hand, but the muscles do feel kinda funny. they almost feel like they are stretching and relaxing too much in the middle of different motions like pushups or what not. i was doing muscle ups this week and had my first real experience where a pain shot through my hand and wrist and i had to stop doing muscle ups. the pain didnt' continue, but i tried grabbing the rings again and could just tell that it wasn't going to happen. i did pullups and dips instead, and they didn't hurt at all. thus it has something to do with pressuring the outside blade of my hand.

i first noticed something was awry when shaking peoples hands began hurting. somebody could be giving a weak handshake and it would still hurt. i have had to struggle to keep a straight face each time this occurred. a few guys have given solid handshakes, and my hand starts screaming as a result.

i'm doing a lot more handstand work nowadays. my guess is that because my left shoulder is a lot less mobile than my right, i'm using my right hand to support more weight.

has anybody had an experience like this?
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