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I had this question before and Greg answered it! This is what I got:

What I asked:
I know this sounds stupid...but I'm doing your beginner program in the Olympic Weightlifting book, and for the 105% snatch deadlift - is that 105% of the snatch weight?

Since I'm working up weight in the Oly lifts still, I can snatch deadlift way more than 105% of my current snatch weight, I have the strength, working more on bringing the technique up to match it. Would it be ok to snatch deadlift what I can as 85% of my 1 rep max (meaning 1 rep max deadlift, not snatch dealift - added here for clarity) or should I continue with 105% of what I can snatch?

Thanks for your time and help on this one!

What he said:

Yes, if you have a considerable strength/tech gap, definitely up the weight on the DLs - as long as you're keeping the correct pulling form, i.e. start position, back arch, etc. and not resorting to a 2-hands anyhow. As far as the actual %, that's really just something you'll have to feel out.
I would figure out what your 1 Rep max Push Press is then do 75% of it.
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