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Default Conquering the Enemies of the Spine

New T-nation article about low back pain.

I thought it was pretty interesting and while I don't think I have spondylolisthesis a lot of the things she described I do get also and never really thought about investigating. Having to stand in the same position for more than a few minutes tightens my back up, and driving sometimes even as short as 30 minutes can make my lower back feel horrible. I've never been in a car wreck or had something horrible happen to my back in which I would attribute all of this to. My Dad has lower back problems also but I always attributed it to him pulling something rather than possibly something hereditary.

While I'm not going to ditch all exercises that load the spine right now it's definitely something I might try a little later on after I finish all the stuff in The New Rules of Lifting. For now I'll get by with all the decompression techniques they illustrate in the article.
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