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Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro View Post
In order to achieve the appropriate position in a high-bar squat your knees are going to be well ahead of the toes, as far as ankle flexibility permits.
Brian, I've been doing my work sets of 5 reps with 335lbs. Trust me, with that much weight, I know whether or not the weight is over my balance point or not (i.e. directly above the balls of my feet). I think I am getting the proper amount of knees traveling forward.

Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I know you've had problems with your squatting from your post a few weeks ago on the CrossFit forum. Your knees not coming forward is probably where most of your problems lie. I used to squat like you did until I injured my back and learned otherwise (i.e., high bar squat with hips back).
Donald, I fixed that problem as soon as I realized I wasn't doing SS style squats. I was trying to do an SS style squat with the forward torso lean while using the high bar Olympic rack position. This was causing the weight to get too far forward of my balance point and resulting in me almost having to "good morning" the weight up. As soon as I realized this, I went back to the way I had formerly been doing squats with a more upright torso.

Maybe I am still in denial.
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