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I did a post about this on the CF forums but it kind of got overlooked I think... Either way I guess I will cross-post it here as I feel it is very relevant to the question at hand. Not sure if that is bad form or anything, I apologize if it is

You know Brian I was just thinking about the whole hip flexor soreness thing and may have a hypothesis.

Why is it that hip flexor tendinitis is so common when the knees are sliding forward at the bottom of the squat [Rip style]? Because the knees sliding forwards removes a large part of the hamstring contribution to the lift and the hip flexors end up doing the work that the much larger and stronger hamstrings should have done.

Now let us look at your high bar squat. In a high bar squat the back angle is much more vertical. This in effect shortens the proximal end hamstring removing in large part the stretch reflex that a low bar squat utilizes. SOOO the high bar squat has much less hamstring involvement, and thus the quads and hip flexors have to pick up more of the slack. This could lead to tendinitis and excess soreness even without the knees sliding forwards.....
What do you guys think?
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