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damn it, i just started the new coach sommer book and now this happens.

interesting you mention the shoulder/clavicle area. about a year ago i got smashed into a matt pretty hard. it was a combination face plant and shoulder hit - reflexes made me pull my head back so my shoulder would take more of the force. my hands were tied up at the moment and pulled downward, stretching out my anterior delt. anyways i had to go to the emergency room. they said the muscle may have been a bit torn, but it wasn't anything super serious.

i had been doing yoga with some regularity before this. after i got messed up, i did yoga every morning for at least an hour. after about 2 months, my shoulder felt fine again, except that it couldn't support heavy weights overhead for a while. the shoulder is physically different now. like you can see this protrusion of muscle/flesh coming out that just isn't on the other side. 4 months after the debacle, my shoulder felt compelety fine. i literally have had no problems with it.

i have noticed though that it is more flexible than my other shoulder. i don't know if that's because of the injury or if my other shoulder is just behind. i've been focusing a lot of effort to make them equal. the reason why i think that i may have overused my hurt hand is because of its heightened flexibility - overhead positions are no problem with it nowadays.

because i wanna continue with coach sommer's book how should i change things up? i figure that movements in which the hand is outstretched on the floor puts more pressure on the wrist. thus are the rings safer since i can close my hand? i did planche pushups on the rings today and didn't have any problems. pulling motions feel fine altogether. should i substitute planche work on the ground with more back lever work?
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