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Chris H Laing
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3 x 100 jumprope w/ ankle stretches
Tuck FL hold - 60 sec *moving on to next progression next time

Clean Tech:
5 sets of - 3 exp 2 max ext
5 max ext to pullunder

Did the exp 2 max ext a little faster today, and I noticed the bar has a tendency to fly away from my body when the move is done quicker. Gunna concentrate on keeping the bar as close as possible but keep doing these at a faster speed. Possibly gunna move up to a real bar soon.

Clean Strength:
Front Squat
85 x 3 x 5

I still can't seem to get into a solid position at the bottom of the FS, but hopefully my ankles will get flexible-er soon, so it becomes easier.

Jerk Strength:
Push Press
85 x 4 x 4

These were pretty easy. Thinking about going up 10 lbs next time instead of 5.

C2B Chinups
bw x 3 x 5

Did no weight again, and I hit the bar with my chest every rep without having to kip, so i think its time to add weight. Prolly gunna do 2.5 lbs every time to get some linear progression with this, so it'll be like 5 lbs a week.

Pretty good workout today. Worked up a good sweat.
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