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Interesting that this thread has been revived... My Mass Strength gain has been going incredibly well and somewhere along the line exactly what jay said happened.

I stopped planning everything except my work outs but even they became alot more fly by the seat of my pants I really began listening to my body in a way I had never done.

I too have not been posting for a while as I have just been enjoying this self fullfiling period of unique and personal training... Don't get me wrong I owe alot to every one here big ups to MOD, Jay, and Steve and my list of inspiration runs a long way at some point I started doin some sort of a routine both nwork and food inspired by Coach rip Gant Grimes Gregg Everret Coach Burgner and Mike O'Donnell. But honestly it was just whatever I was feeling at the time.

I have in the past ten weeks put 20 lbs. on my body from 164 to 184 recently some has begun to come off

I have also put 50 pounds on my Back squat form 225 to 275 which was my goal for this round

and 50 on my C&J from 155 to 205 which surpased any expectation I had.

I still hope to bring my DL up to 360 right now I am at 330 from 295 so I am going to start putting more emphasis on it and the OLs for some time.

I have had some other big accomplishments but those are my biggest.
Anyhow thanks too everyone.

I have decided that while all of the knowledge I have been gaining has served great purpose I am so happy to finaly feel confident in my actions that I am going to just go with my gut for a while. Not forever as I am really thinking about trying to find a coach and getting some help training for some seriouse OL numbers.
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