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Paul McKirdy
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By conventional logic way too big, , but I can do dead hang pullups on a good day , and working on more.

5' 10": Last weigh-in 350#s

For purely narcissistic reasons; all completely raw, no belt nothing, shorts and a tshirt.
DL: 550x1
(Last sereis final in Oct., not two months "offish" lots of hiking etc to relax started new series in mid Nov)
BS: DE band loaded box squat 12", standard foot width not wide - 580 top 400 bottom +\- 25#s x 3 x 2; just yesterday
OHP:275x3 (last series max)
BP: 365x5 (last series max)
PC: 225x5 (last series max)

Still deciding on this series' programming... Still training more PL than anything but I do OH squats and power cleans too on a weekly basis and strongman based stuff for some GPP, sled pulling etc.

And the burgers I cheated and bought them at Wendy's, no condiments just meat cheese and bun. no fries or soda either, just meat cheese bun lots of water
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