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Default SS or Olifts

Hi Folks,

First post here have to say you guys do a good job of taking up most of my free time with all your knowledge being poured out here.

So initially after reading starting strength I thought this would be an ideal program but I have gathered that the olifts are better for producing power and therefore maybe starting strength is the wrong choice so I though this program would work best

Olift back squat
Clean style dead lift


Front squat
Clean &Jerk

Overhead squat
Hang Muscle Snatch

5reps x 5sets all Exercises

My end result will hopefully be increased strength and power
My goal is to do a bodyweight snatch 87kg/193lbs currently 50kg and c&j 100 currently 70kg

Now hopefully someone can answer the question which is better for me follow this prog or similar olift prog until I reach my goals, or do a starting strength cycle for a while then come back and refocus on the olifts?

Thanks all inputs appreciated
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