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if you want some weight you can have my extra fat.

4 years ago i got up to 244. at the end of this past summer i was 158. my opinion of weight changes - it takes a long time to get rid of fat. you really need to make sure you are willing to deal with the commitment.

i try to keep in mind that pretty much anybody who goes to a common gym with some regularity can look good in a sleeveless t-shirt. its the the flab under the shirt that they think people dont' know about.

i just feel that you need a serious reason to want to put on that kinda weight. if you're really gonna compete in strength competitions then ok.

it's very american of people to want something immediately. people forget that the process to achieve something is really what it's all about. i don't know if i could ever get a black belt in bjj, but that would be years from now. the typical american view would consider those years to be very inefficient. from my standpoint, i'd be excited just to know how many people i would meet and communities i would enter just to get there.

there's a lot to learn about how to get the body strong. why not take time and enjoy figuring it out?
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