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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Did we ever draw a conclusion on whether there is a difference with P'Lifting Squat vs. O'Lifting squat regarding how much our hip flexors have to work?

I'm wondering if it is beneficial, to give my hip flexors a break, to switch over to a P'lifting style squat on my workout days when I am just doing 3 x 5 of Back squat.
I find that whenever my hip flexors get too sore from squatting, it's because I've increased the volume of low-bar squats. Switching to high-bar squats for awhile provides relief for me. This seems consistent with the observation that low-bar squats generate relatively more moment of force about the hip than the knee compared to high-bar squats (Wretenberg et al., 1996). For people who low-bar squat more than they high-bar squat, this translates into greater hip torques, and I'm guessing that the hip flexors have to work that much harder to keep the pelvis positioned optimally (thanks for the drawing Steven!).
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