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Dave Sheehan
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If I could snatch 200lbs and CJ 230-245 I would be very happy. I went for a 230 clean yesterday and missed it. I probably should not have performed as many cleans as I did before I went for 230 because I was somewhat tired at that point. I caught the bar in a good spot, but was unable to just stand, which is why I think I may have been fatigued because I can front squat 230 no problem. Whether or not I could jerk it would be a different story.

I did 70 kilos for the snatch last week. I definitely think if I had better form I could get up to 80-90 kilos. I'm doing the olifts to get ready for another sport, but I'm enjoying it quite a lot. I just ordered the Complete Guide book so hopefully that will provide me some tips I need. The important thing is for me to get bigger, stronger, and faster.
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