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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Did we ever draw a conclusion on whether there is a difference with P'Lifting Squat vs. O'Lifting squat regarding how much our hip flexors have to work?

I'm wondering if it is beneficial, to give my hip flexors a break, to switch over to a P'lifting style squat on my workout days when I am just doing 3 x 5 of Back squat.

Yeah I don't know. I still think it makes sense that an Oly/high bar squat is going to have more stress on the hip flexors since the hamstrings are doing less of the work. Not that this is bad or anything, just the nature of the beast. If anyone has a good argument for why this may not be the case I would love to hear it

If it is the case maybe switching to a style of squat outlined in SS would be a nice lay off for your hip flexors? The only way to know really is to try it out though...

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