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Patrick Yeung
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Yeah, I was raw vegan for awhile when I was doing marathons. I was so skinny and had a fairly high bf compared to know. More around 12-15 compared to 8-10 now.

My diet was mostly made up of fruit. Dates, figs, oranges etc in huge quantities for fuel and large salads for meals.

For calories, I went with lots of nuts and coconut milk/shavings.

You can soak beans in water overnight and eat those as well. It takes alot longer, but whos standing there waiting anyways.

Raw milk was a main source of my protein. Id stay away from raw meat, including fish, from your grocery store, unless it specificly says sashimi grade. Theres a similar rating for raw meat, but I never went that route.

I think a diet of milk, nuts and a variety of fish with mixed in occasional fruits/soaked grains will possibly give ya what youre lookin for. Itll be hard to get enough protein though if youre big.
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