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Jay Cohen
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You're like a fart in a frying pan. Bouncing between Zone, Paleo, IF, supps, training programs, etc.

I'll assume you're 18, living at home, so you're somewhat off the hook, BUT you must develop patience.

Set your goals on paper, develop a program/map to get to those goals and FOLLOW THE DAMN PROGRAM.

Now, here is the hard part for you to wrap your brain around, IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, OR IN 3-6-12 MONTHS. We're talking years of day in, day out training, with LITTLE tweaks to the program, but always tweaking with the goal in mind.

So, you have enough info on this site/CF and a host of other great sites to develop a killer program.

Post your goals in a Workout Log, chart your progress, see ya next year.
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