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Originally Posted by Trygve Lunde View Post
eating alot of fruit espacially will make you skinny fat like you said. I cant understand why nobody talks about that on their sites.
Because its NOT true. The guy above said he used to run marathons - that can easily strip muscle from the body resulting in a higher body fat%. Sometimes I eat 15+ fruits (bananas or oranges) on days that I plan to eat entirely raw, which is uncommon though. I eat mostly cooked food with raw fruits and some raw greens.

Eat the fruit/olives instead of the damn olive oil, too.

Olive oil is over-rated and tastes like shit anyway. You could cook with water if you want to, or some minced garlic, whatever.

In my opinion, Olive oil is to fat what whey protein powders are to protein - i.e. not the greatest source
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