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Had a similar experience this week - several papers due.

Tuesday night: 3 hours
Wednesday day: 2 hour nap
Wednesday night: 4 hours
Thursday night: 3x 1/2 hour naps
Friday day: 1 hour nap

I'm feeling surprisingly fine though. Of course, I haven't lifted since Wednesday, and that was pretty crappy, and I assume I'd have trouble pulling 225lbs right now if I gave it a shot. The three half hour naps worked amazingly well. Just as soon as I lost my ability to think/type in complete sentences, I took a shortie, then that got me refreshed to continue on. However, after being awake for hour hours straight, between the three Thursday night naps and the Friday daytime nap, I having a bit of trouble keeping my eyes open.

I'm probably shooting for 12-14 hours of sleep tonight...
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