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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
If you're not passing out within minutes, 15-20, at the most. Then you are just plain not working hard enough. Every night when I hit the sack I'm sleeping withing minutes. The schedule I keep guarantees me to pass out almost right away.
Erm, i somewhat disagree. While I'm no expert on sleep its not that simple. Hormones, mental anguish, stress, low self esteem, a bad day, a lifestyle that is constantly in strife -- any of these are unrelated to training and can make sleep an issue.

Sometimes I can't sleep for an hour or so -- then I put on a warmer pair of pants or take off a layer and I pass out within minutes -- body was just too hot/cold to sleep that way or something.

If you're having a chronic sleep problem, squatting more might help....but i don't think its the solution you should really be looking for if you're up all night worrying if your light bill isn't going to be paid tomorrow -- or worrying if your barracks might get bombed.

I would explore Derek's personal life/training a bit more before saying he doesn't work hard enough...but that's just me...

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
Ugh. I know.

"sleep is overrated" is just a thing I'm trying out. if meditating or yoga worked I'd be all over it like a wet t-shirt.
I'm a bit confused. Can you define "worked"? What exactly are you hoping to get out of your meditation or yoga? Pseudo-sleep effects/faster recovery?

Meditation and yoga do work....just depends on what you want them to do. Meditation (even though I think its a waste of time..) brings you down to a relaxed state pretty quickly and easily. Lowers heart rate, thats for damn sure. Yoga is useful (albeit not optimal) on increasing flexibility, active and passive, as well as a relaxation technique similar to meditating.

IMHO, anything "works" it depends on what you are looking for. Everything has its place...
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