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By the By, i just noticed ur HSPU negatives are only head to ground. Bad move. Then you will be where I am now.

It makes no sense to train the strength to push from the ground then have to re-do it all when u want to go from full to just work full ROM from the get go and save yourself the time.

Also..the last time u did this was 12-8 -- thats 4 days ago. If you take tomorrow off, we are looking at 6 days between the negatives. Should be doing these every day at the gym if they are top priority -- or every other day...hell even ALL day as GTG. Your volume is much too low on those, imho, which is what I think jake and steve is trying to say. Instead of doing "gymnastics pull" -- focus on muscle ups or Chest-to-Bar Pulls. Instead of doing "gymnastics push" -- do planches or HSPU only. By the by, the jerk work can be purely technical if you are doing HSPU work -- most of the strength from HSPU has remarkable translation to OH Press -- this cuts down on some work you need to do like Jerk Strength, for now, anyway.

Just my opinion on these sure steve/jake would agree though.

Keep up the hard work!
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