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Matt -

Don't dip so far down. When you get set, take in your air, secure the torso, and sit back on your heels as far as possible. Dip without leaning forward at all, and drive back up the same way. You're pushing your hips back nd dropping your chest slightly, and the dip is too deep - you're past a point where you can reasonably expect a quick transition and fast drive.

Finish that drive all the way - keep pushing with those legs until you can't push anymore. You're quitting a bit too soon and pushing with the arms.

You do a good job of not allowing the bar to pull you forward with all the above - but that's because you still can at this weight. It won't keep working much longer.

Also, do watch the feet - stomp the heels back into the floor and don't lift the feet so much - you're sweeping them back behind you which is why you're landing on your toes and falling forward - your body stays in the same place but your feet go backward (same thing on your clean).
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