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either up the food....or cut down on the activities.....I know you do a ton of stuff so you may need like 6000 cal a day just to maintain...maybe not that high, but athletes typically do.....

Me if I want to put the lbs back on....I workout 2-3x a week, lift heavy in rep ranges of 5-10, short rest periods (30-60sec), eat and rest....if I do too much without uppping the calories I will end up losing lbs and probably some is muscle.

As for putting on some will happen unless your diet is dialed in to your TDEE on the nose...which is not an exact shedding the fat and keeping the muscle is the easy part.

I'm sure there is a point too that the body resists putting on more and more muscle and it will get harder and harder....much like losing fat, it's easy but then as you get lower and lower it becomes a slower and more delicate process of fine tuning.
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