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Default DL Injury

A little background, this past September I sprained my lower back in the L5-S1 region back squatting with the high-bar and hips back and without a proper warmup for lack of time. I was able to finish all 10 sets of 3 reps. I think the lack of a warmup and the relatively light weight made my rounding of the lower back worse.

So fast forward to today. I have been slowly coming back. I was deadlifting 4-5 times a week with light weights and high reps. Then, I started deadlifting 3 times a week because I wasn't able to recover enough. By this time I lowered my reps to 3 sets of 5 reps. Then, soon after I lowered it to 1 set of 5. Then, I started deadlifting 2 times a week and now 1 time/week.

Before my lower back injury, I deadlifted an easy 265 for a set of 5. Last week I deadlifted 195 for a set of 5. Today, my last warm up was an easy double overhand grip 195# deadlift. I mistakedly thought that my last week's deadlift had been 205 instead of 195, so I felt strong and went for 225 instead of 215. I set up with the mixed grip and went for it.

I lifted the bar about an inch or so off the ground, and my back cracked like it's never cracked before. Does this sound like a muscle strain? I can bend over pretty well and only have pain toward the edge of my flexibility limits.

I'm not way too worried about it, but I'm more curious. It's funny how big of a difference 30# is. I've never double overhand grip deadlifted 195 that easily. Then, on a 225 switch grip deadlift, I fall apart. The body is strange.

Btw. Is it safe to do spinal decompression with a muscle strain or ligament sprain?
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