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Default Flexibilty for the guard

So I have been roaming the PM and internet looking for info about flexibilty pertaining to BJJ. I read the "Getting Stiff" article and it was very informative. What is the specific level of flexibilty needed to have a good guard? I saw Eddie Bravo's youtube about it and that seems to be the top end of required flexibilty. Wikipedia had something about being able to put your leg behind your arm and head on the same side.

So the next question...Would using the outline in "Getting Stiff" get me close or is there a more appropriate way (Eddie Bravo's book has suggestions in it)? Now the next question is: Will squatting inhibit getting to where I want to be? I like squatting and OLY lifting. If I read "Getting Stiff" right that would not seem to be the case.


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