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Originally Posted by Robert Allison View Post

I'm curious... was there anything in particular you didn't like about the manta ray?
Not Steve but I'll tell you what I think sucks about the manta ray. (MR)


Limited contact point for bar. Low bar position with chedy up elbows tight forward gives a nice wide contact patch for teh bar, and good tension forward to hold it in place, high bar or low bar positon. MR creatres nice tiny fulcrum for the bar to pivot on mid back....dumb. less stable than wrapping atowel on the bar or some other nonsense.


When I pinch my shoudler blade back my scapulae runs into the pointy bits of MR. Ouch.

Postion too high,

The MR is molded to the geometry of some random person's upper trap. Forces one to carry the bar too high for some people. If I want to do a high bar squat, I'll just move the bar up higher. If I want to do a lower bar position, I'll just move it lower. If my mistress has given me too many too many lashes and cannot comfortabley carry the bar on my flayed back, I'll do front squats.
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