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December 8-14
Diet's been crap. A liter of coke a day has become the norm. Finals are fucking up my sleep. Three hours here, four hours there... Basically, everything's crap.

Low-bar Back Squat: 3x5x90kg
Bench Press (Volume): 5x5x90kg
Overhead Dumbbell Press: 4x15x(2x12.5)kg
Power Clean: 3x5x55kg
Kinda surprised at the bench. Made sure I rested plenty between sets and nailed every rep. Butt came a little bit off the bench on the last rep of the fourth set, but I'm counting it.


Low-bar Back Squat: 3x5x95kg
Bench Press (Recovery, paused): 2x5x70kg
Deadlift: 5x110kg
Fran (30kg thrusters): 6:44
Afraid the deadlifts are going to ramp up too soon for my back. Making them a weekly thing, probably on Mondays.
Decided to go for the female Fran due to my atrocious conditioning during combatives on Sunday and not wanting to go too heavy on a metcon because of my back. That's a horrible time. Thrusters were a breeze, but the weight I'm gaining is fucking up my pull-ups. Operating on three hours of sleep followed by a three hour calculus final, meant I couldn't quite push through at anything close to a respectable pace.


Low-bar Back Squat: 3x5x100kg
Bench Press (Intensity): 1x105kg (PR)
Shoulder Press: 5x52.5kg 4x52.5kg 5x50kg
Romanian Deadlift: 3x8x50kg
Weighted Deadhang Chin-up: 1x20kg 0x30kg
Mentally, I just wasn't there. Everything felt awful.
Presses felt weak, I definitely could have finished up at 52.5kg if my mind had been there, but it wasn't. I blame diet. And sleep. Repeating 52.5kg next week.
Subbing 3x8 Romanian Deadlifts for Power Cleans as per the advice of Coach Rip.
The chin-ups? Fuck. I was doing 5s with over 20kg not long ago. Was expecting 1x35kg. Not happening. Fuck.


Combatives: ~a little over an hour and half
SPEARS drills, mostly. Some kick drills for warming up. Wasn't as intense conditioning wise as last time, but conditioning was definitely lacking.
Did some Range Rover drills, and 2on1s with the high gear and a padded stick.
Felt pretty good, getting more aggressive with my CWCT.

Body Weight: 82.5kg
Body Fat (according to this): 22%
What the flying fuck? I know I packed on some weight since my injury... But fuck. 22%? I was 8% back in June. I blame that stupid calculator. I can't believe I'm over 20%. Going to focus on regaining lost strength before taking any of that weight off, though.
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