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Originally Posted by james forshaw View Post

And thirdly, I may be missing the point of the programme, but 60% just doesn't seem intense enough at such low volume. Since the idea is to gain functional weight, could it be that the O-lifting involved is simply to work on technique whilst the squatting, deadlifting etc is what is actually supposed to make you stronger and stimulate growth?
I think u hit the nail on the head.

And you can look up a 2 and 3 pos snatch/c&j in the exercises section on this website, but its basically you snatch from 3 different pos (for 3 pos snatch). You could go from the floor, then from the knees, then from the hang position, or reverse it. The order you do it in depends on which aspect of the lift your trying to work on. I'm not sure which positions would be used in a 2 pos snatch, but its all explained in the exercise section.
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