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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post
Two points:

a) As someone who has really long femurs, I use a trap deadlift bar. If it helps me to maintain good form, who's to quibble?
Being 6'3" and all legs, I'm ill suited for DL's and fast motorcycles. What I've found helpful is using, and I'm not kidding here, the Hammer Strength seated shrug contraption. It has two sets of handles, high and low, and is plate loaded at the fulcrum, so you are lifting the weight, not half of it. I used it to bring my DL back from the dead (old max was 225# after I hurt my back; went up to 270 after I retrained). Now, I mix it in to finish off a set or warm up the DL.

What I'm saying is this; it approximates the trap bar as well as anything when you don't have a trap bar.

As for the videos on CF: I like the multi screen approach to demonstrating movements. Worked for the clean, thrustrer, and box jumps.

OK, I just watched the video and had two comments: 1. the audio was terrible. I couldn't hear half of what was said, but what I could hear was somewhat off of what I was seeing. 2. I liked seeing taller people using the form I use; almost straight legged just to get down to the floor. Again, I like the split-screen.

Not sure what Shaf means about the amount of weight used.
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