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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Where in your elbow is the pain and what type of pain is it? A dull pain? A shoothing pain? A throbbing? Any other movements hurt it other than snatch and OHS?

I ask because I've been having left elbow/forearm issues since March. I put forearm because it's not exactly what I consider the elbow area. I had rehabbed it pretty well until September when I rehurt myself doing death by pullups. The movements that hurt are heavy OHS, moderate snatches, push presses, jerks, kipping pullups. I can sometimes feel it there when I do rows and such as well.
It's on the inside, it's kinda an "intense dull" pain when it's happening, and sticks around for a short time after. It's only at the lockout position, never when doing anything else.

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Early elbow bend = significant stress on the joint = pain
I'd put $1000 down on a bet that it's *not* early elbow bend.

Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Do your elbows hyperextend? Have you ever injured that elbow?

If so, you may need to work on figuring out the "straight" position for your elbows and work on your overhead position with that new elbow angle (or should I say, lack of angle).
I don't think my elbows hyperextend, but that could be the problem, just a slight bit if anything, though I have no way of telling. I'm wondering if maybe I'm twisting one elbow in or out too much, or too little, not sure.
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