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Reed Winn
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Mini mass gain program(see training log for details) starts today.

I've got ZMA and a lactase product. Obviously I'll take the ZMA before bed and I've taken the lactase just now.

Today I had a breakfast of toast, 3 cups of coffee, steak, 2 eggs and a bit of fruit. I then had a duck sammich(small portion) and hot chocolate.

I'm getting started on the GOMAD pretty late but that's only for today because I've been out all day. I hope the lactase will reduce/stop the gas and other problems that come from GOMAD.

Ate dinner, plate of rice and a small bit of tuna and cooked carrots.

Parents are saying I can't have the GOM today, very annoying. Every time I try to actually eat I get a ton of resistance about how I shouldn't be drinking the GOMAD, lots of SB. I'm really really tired so in about an hour I'm going to take the ZMA and sleep.
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