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Default Snatch C&J assistance

The following videos were taken during the same workout session. I did 20 snatches on the minute for 20 minutes. Then I rested 10 minutes and did 20 clean and jerks on the minute for 20 minutes. Percentages used were 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% of max. I upped the percentage every five reps.

All of the following links are work family safe.

C&J 175 number 14 of 20

C&J 185 number 18 20

Snatch 145 18 of 20

Snatch 145 number 15 of 20

The final video is of me attempting to PR the next day in the snatch. I attempt 175 twice. You will have to forgive the video because it has me hanging out between attempts. The first attempt occurs at 20 seconds in and the second attempt occurs at 1:15 in.

The attempts at 175# were my first ever trying that weight. At that weight I could actually pull myself under the bar during the third pull. I think you can see the difference in the speed with which I get under, or try to get under, the bar in the 145# and the 175# attempts. I think it may be because the mass of the bar is such that I can actually pull myself under the bar versus pulling the bar over my head. I think I tend to bang the bar out too much during the second pull. With the lighter weight I was able to "reel" it back in. But with 175 I am not strong enough to pull it over my head and not strong enough to muscle it back over head when it is out front slightly.

All comments and suggestions are more than welcome.
Thanks in advance.

I am going to jump on board with the Performance Menu program starting today. I believe I was killing myself with too much volume.
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