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It could very well be that my warm ups are considered excessive. It just hasn't occured to me as my schedule now doesn't leave much room for thinking about my workouts. I'm just in a get 'er done mode right now and plow through them. Seems to work ok that way. I'm making progress but it wouldn't hurt none to try it out I guess. Matter of fact it sounds pretty good as it would trim down the time spent a bit.

Nope, p196 of SS shows the DLs just exactly the way I'm doing them.

I haven't read PP yet, don't have it and wouldn't have time to read it if I did right now. Interesting to consider subbing FS though. I need to get a cage damnit. Sounds like I need to get a copy of PP also.

All in all I'm real happy with the way things are going. Strength is going up slowly, old owies are subsiding, weight is redistributing, its all good. I'd say you are maybe an advanced novice but I am just a novice
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