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The ZMA seemed to help somewhat, not as much as I expected. My dreams were more vivid but not as much as I expected. I went to be around 9:30 and got up around 7AM. Hopefully it will improve in the next few days.

8 large fried eggs - 592kcal 40g F, 48g P
many cups of black coffee

bowl of oatmeal with 2% milk - 540kcal 16g F, 78g C, 26g P

Feel free to butt in, I post this stuff online so I can get feedback. My milk problems are pretty minor so I hope this product will take care of them, but if not I will try your suggestion. Thanks.

Made a smoothie that is mostly yogurt(low fat ) and bananas and sorgum(some type of sugary black stuff)

6PM - sort of been sleeping/reading - just had 16oz of whole milk
parents got 2 gallons of whole milk today so I want to finish the first by the time I sleep
Ate a hamburger, had another 16oz of milk

9PM - feeling massively tired so I'm just going to take my ZMA and sleep - food intake was not what I want it to be but I'm going to have to work up to it in the next few days I guess
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