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Reed Winn
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ZMA seems to have influenced my dreams yet again. Not that vivid but I am remembering more than is normal(nothing). I woke up and had a hard time getting to sleep. On the other hand I don't feel tired - sort of inconclusive.

7AM -
4 eggs 296kcal 20g F 24g P
Made a smoothie with whole milk and yogurt and protein powder and about a cup of raw oatmeal

9AM - had 16oz whole milk 300kcal 24g C, 16g F, 16g P

1PM -
made a nice thing using a lb of 80% beef and spinach and onions
1160kcal 92g F, 80g P
another 16oz milk 300kcal 24g C, 16g F, 16g P

more black coffee

Had another glass of milk - didn't take the ZMA
was horribly sore/tired so I just went to sleep around 9PM
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