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Originally Posted by Peter Puetz View Post
Hi Allen,

not sure if I understand your point.

Just to clarify, I posted the above circuit because a) I really like it and b) it was the first thing which came to my mind when I 'discovered' crossfit last summer. Differences to crossfitesque circuits are:
  • the purpose of the circuit is to lift your lactate threshold and to give you some basic preparation for a month or two focusing on strength work, all in the context of long distance running of course. For that it works quite good in my experience.
  • time doesn't play any role, except you should target for your 5k race pace.
  • systematic progression over a certain time-span, say 6 weeks.

BTW Owen Anderson is a regular contributer to

His webpage is

He has lots of good info if your are into running.



BTW I just found the template for a 5 week cycle I did with this circuit in spring of 1999, not as extreme as the progression described in the first post but still the runs (Laufen) were in 5k pace. Pretty sure I could not do workout 8 today...
No point Peter, I was just observing it was very similiar to the Crossfit Beginners routine.
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