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Currently if I'm lifting in the gym I'll alternate between these 2 warmups, I'm supposed to use a foam roller for the first portion so by subbing the little massage bell thing I don't eve get my lats like it's suggested.

Eric Cressey Warmup Option 1: ~10 minutes
SMR using massage ball thing - thoracic extension, quads. IT bands, hip flexors, adductors and pecs
lacrosse ball - calves, glutes, infraspinatus, arch roll ~0:15-0:30
kneeling RF/TFL stretch - 0:15L/R
sleeper stretch - 0:15L/R
glute bridge - 12
reach, roll, lift - 8L/R
wall ankle mobility - 8L/R
x-band walk - 10L/R
pull-back butt kick - 5L/R
cradle walk - 5L/R
split stance broomstick pec mobilization - 8L/R
squat to stand - 8
OH lunge walk - 5L/R

Eric Cressey Warmup Option 2: ~11 minutes
SMR using handheld massage ball thing - IT bands, quads, adductors, hip flexors, thoracic extension, pecs
lacrosse ball - calves, glutes, infraspinatus, arch roll ~0:10-0:20
warrior lunge kneeling stretch - 0:15L/R
hip external rotator stretch - 0:15L/R
bird dog - 8L/R
x band walk - 10L/R
rocking ankle mobility - 8L/R
scap pushup - 12
wall slide - 12
levator scapula stretch - 0:15L/R
high knee walk - 5L/R
reverse lunge w/ postolateral reach - 5L/R
walking spiderman - 5L/R

If it's not a gym day and I'm at home I'll usually do either a DROM warmup (hip circles, swings, arm circles...etc.) Throw in some movement prep exercises like inverted hamstring stuff. I'll also throw in some foam rolling prior to working out as well. 2+ months ago I was doing a variety of lower body things along with the diesel crew should rehab program. I like the way Eric Cresseys things out.

Things I've been trying to lately is incorporate a daily brief joint mobility program that hits all the major joints, in ~5-15 minutes. To focus more on areas I rarely focus on (feet, ankles, wrists, neck). This will usually be early morning or upon first waking up.

Once I start the workouts I'll typically warmup like this if it's a deadlift day with little rest other than changing the plates.
45 x 8, 95 x 5, 135 x 3, 185 x 1, 225 x 1, 275 x 1, rest 3 minutes then work sets form there.
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