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My shoulder hurts whenever I raise my arm above my head. I really need to get it looked at. I don't do any kind of rehap/prehap or special care for it. I can use it if I warm up for about 20-30 minutes doing push ups, kettlebell swings, light overhead squats etc. But once I am done doing a session and I cool back down I have a hard time even using a computer mouse. I haven't done anything overhead this whole week. But the shoulder has been a nagging issue for a few years now. Snatching and overhead squats aggravate it quite a bit. Oh well.

I manage and am head trainer at Rogue Fitness, a crossfit affiliate in Columbus OH, so I need to keep some metcon base.

I have thought about doing a strength based program like you mentioned also. I am probably going to put the CA program on hold also. This week my shoulder has officially exploded. I have a hard time even demonstrating pressing movements with a PVC pipe.

I see a visit to a doc here in the near future.

Thanks for the info.
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