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December 15-21
Last week of finals. Diet was crap, lots of Red Bull and Coke, but still getting in an acceptable amount of calories; drank three liters of whole milk per day, plus two meals and the sugary, caffeinated crap.

Low-bar Back Squat: 3x5x105kg
Bench Press (Volume): 5x92.5kg, 2x3x92.5kg, 5x85kg, 5x80kg
Deadlift: 5x115kg
Squat felt easier than I expected. Managed the first set of bench presses. Next two failed after the third rep, so I dropped the weight. Resetting back to 85kg next week.
Had to keep this workout short, so no extra work; chemistry final the next day.


Front Squat: 3x5x75kg
Shoulder Press: 1x60kg, 0x65kg
Bench Press (Recovery, paused): 2x5x65kg
Romanian Deadlift: 5x55kg
Tabata (no extra rest between exercises):
- 20kg Thrusters: 10, 8, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5
- Kipping Pull-ups: 7, 5, 5, 6, 4, 4, 5, 5
- Total: 57 + 41 = 98
Started the front squats too low, felt too easy. Might add 7.5kg next time.
Press is a fucking bitch. Did 62.5kg back when I was 75kg.
My toe is still fucked up from combatives a couple of weeks back, which really seemed to screw me on those thrusters. I just can't seem to find myself in those metcons... Just couldn't push through like I used to. I think the irregular sleep is getting to me, I'll see how it goes in the next couple of weeks. Pull-ups are feeling terrible. I'm not doing enough of them, and gaining weight pretty fast... Blargh, I'm going to try and fit some in.
Back felt weird after this workout... Not bad... Not good... Just weird. Probably the Romanian deadlifts.


Low-bar Back Squat: 3x5x110kg
Bench Press (Intensity): 3x95kg (PR for 3s)
Kettlebell Work (24kg Kettlebell): Turkish Get-ups 1/1, Clean and Push Press 2/2x(1+3)
Shoulder Press: 3x5x52.5kg
Back Extension: 3x10
Finals officially over.
Presses and get-ups with a 24kg kettlebell are not as easy as they look. Left hand felt very weak. Gonna add some one handed cleans and presses soon, probably in a metcon format.
Back extensions sucked. Did three sets of 10 with very little rest in between. Slow controlled reps and wow... I could feel my spinal erectors burning like never before. I like it.


The plan was combatives today. Didn't happen.
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