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Kris Reeves
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I've been thinking about this since I read the article, but have just had a chance to post.

From the article (bold emphasis added by me):

Start with a conservative weight. If you manage five reps in all five sets, next time add 10 pounds and start over. Not 5 pounds, and definitely not 2, but 10. For reasons that are outside of the scope of this article, Malibu Ken and Barbie jumps with tiny plates are a waste of time.
What are peoples experience/thoughts on this? I bought in to the microloading idea...but honestly, when I look back over my training log I can't say that they've made a hill of beans of difference when I've used them.

On one hand, the idea that coaxing the body into gains with tiny jumps makes sense...but on the other hand, the idea of making a large jump to put the body in 'sh*t or get off the pot' mode makes sense too....

Just wondering if others practical experience and/or coaching others with regard to this could shed some light.
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