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Cassidy Drake
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Default Exciting news for me

Well for a few years now I have been friends with Ron Dayley the owner of they sponsor MMA fighters such as Sean Sherk, Brad Morris, Debi Purcell and a few others.

Anyways, he is opening a fully functional MMA gym in Clarksville, Tenn(45 mins NW of Nashville, where Fort Cambell is located). Today I was told that I will be the S&C coach for the gym, along with running the kids MMA program, much along the lines of the way SBG runs theirs.

Anyways this is also great because I will now get to finish my bachelors in Psychological development and theory like I had wanted to do. So to some here it might not sound like much. But this is a dream come true opportunity for me.

Thanks for listening.
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