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Patrick Yeung
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Well, the only reason why I never stuck with CFE, on top of now im more interested in shorter, sprint type races, was that, I just didnt see how running 5k repeats would be able to prepare you for a 50 mile race.

I mean... Unless youve gone out there and put that kind of time in, how could you possibly be mentally prepared to take a beating like that, let alone physicly.

Ive recently started taking BCAAs and been reading a lot about them. It appears that they may of greatest benefit to Endurance Athletes, namely because they will help maintain enough protein in the muscles so you do not enter a catabolic state. Might be worth looking in to. I take 5g fasted before lifting, and I feel like ive just eaten a danish or something, it gives me a ton of energy. Then, 5 afterwards.

If youre interested in the reading, ill scounge around and try and find it agian. And if you do buy it, buy capsules... I bought powder and its the most foul thing Ive ever had.

Whatever you do, keep me up to date, im interested to see it works for ya sametime next month. I wouldnt mind going and doing xterras again, but I like these new muscles too much...
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