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Rick Deckart
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Hi Shaf,

I still find your original post accurate, lifting and strength training in general should be done with the most efficient technique in my opinion and one should always use the minimum energy necessary to do the job. An article of JV Askem comes into my mind where he puts it nicely with repect to one aspect of the Oly lifts:

Overpowering is always bad, even if it doesn't lead to injury in the short term, you have a long road to go and it will tax you more than necessary.

I have the highest respect for GS practioners, and I am curious what the amount of volume some of the professionals move around does to them in terms of absolute strength. For example Fedorenkos 132 KB Jerks with 32kg bells, that's 8448kg in 10 minutes, one rep every 4-5 seconds... I am curious how much he deadlifts, squats etc.


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